Weightlifting & Strongman Equipment

Our custom manufactured strongman equipment are the ideal tools for building up strength and mass.

By only producing products that are loaded using Olympic weight plates, the potential load of these products is only limited by the materials they are made from. Because of this all of A-Unit's custom weightlifting equipment products are made with high grade materials designed for their strength!

We take fitness seriously at A-Unit. Our strongman weightlifting equipment has all been carefully and creatively designed to create the absolute best results.

From the most of our equipment such as the Trap Bar, through to our own Hammy Hammer, using A-Unit strongman weightlifting equipment is a great way to increase your strength, size and explosive power.

A-unit's custom manufactured strongman equipment fron the UK is not only good for strongmen, it's also ideal for any sportsman or athlete that needs to build up explosive strength and muscle mass. This includes but is not limited to; Rugby Players, MMA Athletes, Footballers and many more!