A-Unit Plate Loaded Shoulder Press  *CLICK HERE*

A-Unit Plate Loaded Shoulder Press *CLICK HERE*


Product Details

Shoulder Press provides a unilateral movement that simulates a dumbbell press. Choices of neutral and barbell grips to accommodate personal preference.An adjustable seat for a wide range of user height and range of motion.


  • Multiple Handgrips
  • Indexed spring assisted Seat adjustment
  • Low weight loading points
  • Comfortable inclined position
  • Rubber feet floor fix option
  • Small footprint

Recommended Weight

Comprising 20kg x 2, 15kg x 2, 10kg x 2, 5kg x 2, 2.5kg x 2, 1.25kg x 2



Note: All weights/bars/attachments shown are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

A-Unit constantly strive to improve our products, therefore we reserve the right that from time to time we may 'tweak' our designs in order to deliver the best results for you.