Cybex VR1 Dual Lat Row - Light Wgt Stack 3625.00

Cybex VR1 Dual Lat Row - Light Wgt Stack 3625.00


Product Details

Space/cost saving duals: For facilities that are watching their budget and operate in limited space, the VR1 Duals are the answer. An extension of the VR1 line, Duals further capitalize on the compact VR1 footprint by using multi-function mechanisms to get two exercises in one machine. These units provide exceptional flexibility and carry with them all of the same line features and benefits that VR1 provides.

• Start selectivity: The VR1 Duals Lat/Row goes well beyond what other dual lat/rows are capable of. The unique rotating arm allows the handles to be positioned in any one of nine positions providing everything from a traditional lat pull to a low row.

• Easy feeling: The dual grips allow for independent exercise while the bearing support guides allow the cable to track effortlessly with the user’s motion. • Stabilization: The adjustable thigh support adjusts for user height and provides for stabilization in lat and incline pull motions, while the foot bar provides for stabilization during row movements.

Note: All weights/bars/attachments shown are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

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