Cybex VR1 Arm Extension *CLICK HERE*

Cybex VR1 Arm Extension *CLICK HERE*


Product Details

• A familiar motion: The intuitive design with pushdown positioning eliminates the need for adjustments or aligning the elbow with the axis of rotation. This is the classic exercise most users are familiar with – and a familiar motion is often one that encourages greater use.

• Cable-based advantage: The cable-based movement allows for near-constant load at the elbow and shoulder. This means that users can focus on the triceps while keeping the arm properly positioned.

• Stabilization: VR1 user positioning is enhanced by the back pad – which provides reference and support. This means that the user does not tend to lean over, promoting stricter form with less unwanted movement.

Note: All weights/bars/attachments shown are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

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