Carbon Claw Impact GX-3 Groin Guard Removable Cup S/M

Carbon Claw Impact GX-3 Groin Guard Removable Cup S/M *CLICK HERE*


Product Details

As a general rule with combative sports, personal protection is vital. Ensuring that vulnerable areas of the body are well protected will allow for your mind to be focused elsewhere.

The Impact GX-3 Series groin guard offers easy access to a removable cup and as made totally from a durable elasticated cotton and nylon material is washable friendly.

To ensure the groin cup sits correctly the leg support straps have additional minor and comfort adjustment via a hook and loop closure fixing.

The removable protective cup is of a lightweight nylon/plastic construction.

Note: All weights/bars/attachments shown are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

A-Unit constantly strive to improve our products, therefore we reserve the right that from time to time we may 'tweak' our designs in order to deliver the best results for you.