A-Unit Lever Belt Squat  *CLICK HERE*

A-Unit Lever Belt Squat *CLICK HERE*


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Product Details

Focus on your technique and train big without the fear of any adverse spinal loading.

Perfect for Strength and Conditioning (the load is concentrated on the legs rather than with a traditional barbell squat where your back may take the brunt) as well as athletes recovering from injuries.

Belt included




Dimensions: L 150 x W 80 (Frame) 145 (Including Footplates) 150 (Including Weight Pins) x H 175


Here at Leicester City Football Club the Strength & Power Programme places a large emphasis on players strength development in the lower limbs. In order to achieve this, we use bespoke equipment which we have designed and developed with A-Unit in order to meet our specific needs (including a Shuttle Leg Press, EXP Leg Press and Lever Belt Squat). These key pieces of equipment allow us to lift at high intensities and thresholds, providing greater overload to the target musculature opposed to conventional based strength lifts. The design and robustness of the equipment is second to none, it allows us to load the players up in a safe and effective manner without compromise, ensuring they receive the desired physiological stimuli.

Mitchell Willis
Strength and Power Coach, Leicester City FC


Note: All weights/bars/attachments shown are for illustrative purposes only and are sold separately unless stated otherwise.

A Unit Fitness constantly strive to improve our products, therefore we reserve the right that from time to time we may 'tweak' our designs in order to deliver the best results for you.

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